Introduction to The Danish Water Sector and Water Vision Denmark
In Denmark we have a unique water sector as all our drinking water comes from our pure groundwater. Bacteria and other impurities are minimized because of the well-functioning distribution system, and water loss in our pipelines has been reduced to 8 percent. Also, our waste water treatment is among the best technologies in the world.

All this creates a Danish expertise and know-how in various water technologies. The Danish water sector wants to use this know-how and expertise and contribute to solving water-related problems around the world. Water Vision Denmark’s aim is to further develop the Danish water sector to be the best in the world, increase the export of necessary water technologies globally, where these are needed, and simultaneously create many new jobs in the water sector.

Global water challenges – and Danish areas of expertise
Listed here are six different global water challenges that we will face in the near future. Danish water technology can be part of the solutions. Read more about the global water challenges and the Danish solutions on this site and the various links.

Managing water resources for all
Water is a scarce, but essential, resource. Providing enough fresh water for a growing population and for increasing industrial production is a critical issue in many countries. Read more here.

Managing the water energy-nexus
Water is needed for different stages of energy production and energy is required to extract, supply, distribute and treat water and wastewater. With an increasing demand for water and energy, this linkage can be challenged in the near future. Read more here.

Securing efficient, reliable and safe water supply
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6 focuses on the challenge of providing safe and affordable drinking water for all. However, with 850 million people still living without access to basic drinking water, the road to success is long. Read more here.

Treating wastewater to protect people and ecosystems
In many countries, decades of uncontrolled and untreated wastewater discharge have resulted in severe environmental degradation of both inland and coastal waters. Even today, less than half of the world’s wastewater is collected and less than 20 percent is treated. Read more here.

Making every drop count through efficiency
Water is a scarce resource that is under increasing pressure and, according to the UN, global water consumption will increase with up to 30 percent by 2030 due to growth in population and increase in wealth. Read more here.

Mitigating the water related effects of climate change
The effects of climate change are most acutely felt through the presence of water – either too little or too much of it. Read more here.

Connect with potential partners
Many Danish businesses specialize in water and climate adaptation technologies. They possess great expertise and could be your future partners for solving your water and climate adaptation- related problems.

Climate adaptation

Explore Danish water solutions
Danish technologies and solutions can assist you in solving the water and climate adaptation problems you may have.

Climate Adaptation

Download white papers for water professionals
Here you can download water-related white papers with information about Danish water technologies and water solutions. In the white papers you may find inspiration that can contribute to solving your water-related problems.

Find the whitepapers here.